If your metal roof is failing but ins’t quite ready for a full roof replacement, you’ll need to make some metal roof repairs. What’s the best way to do this?

Metal Roof Repair

So your metal roof is leaking, or beginning to sag in some areas, or just not quite performing the way it should. You need to do something about it, but what? As we’ve discussed before, you have three options, one of them including repair. Should you choose to repair your metal roof, there are a few simple steps that you should follow.

Metal Roof Repair Guidelines 
This metal roof needs serious cleaning before it can be serviced.

1) Clean the roof surface so that you can properly inspect it without dirt and debris obstructing your view. If the roof is dirty, it is much more difficult to properly inspect it to know what repairs are needed. You can clean the roof with a power washer and soap on any areas contaminated with grease or tough dirt spots.

2) Next, inspect the roof and identify all seam, flashing, and fastener failures. Anything that does not provide a watertight seal should be noted for replacement or repair. Even seams, flashings or fasteners that provide a watertight seal currently may need to be replaced if they look like they are approaching failure. You may need to purchase new hardware to repair these problems.

3) Replace any missing fasteners or flashings noted in your inspection, repair any seam failures with new sheets of metal or hardware. Any loose fasteners should be tightened or replaced if they are stripped and no longer usable. Fastener backout is an extremely common problem with metal roofs and it creates issues that need to be taken care of at this stage.

4) Finally, replace any roofing or skylight panels that are not in proper working condition. This is where you will eliminate the sagging in the roof, any leaks, and any poor insulation areas.


Metal roof repair can be a daunting task when you first begin working, but if you’ll break it into steps as we have done here and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed, it becomes very manageable. Contact us if you have any questions regarding your metal roof repairs, or if you’d like to learn about other roofing systems available to you.