It is arguably the most important part of the building, and yet in a lot of cases it doesn’t fulfill its two primary purposes: insulation and leak prevention. If a roof is failing in these two areas, you have three choices you can make: one is to let the roof continue to fail, another is to replace the roof with a brand new one, and a third is to repair the roof. We don’t sell roofs and we don’t advise you to ignore your roof problems, so we recommend repairing a bad roof.

Silicone replaces other flat roof repair options.

Flat Roof Repair 
This flat roof was repaired using silicone coating

There are many different choices you can make when repairing your commercial roof, and many different systems are available. We are going to look at our system of flat roof repair: silicone coating. We believe this system to be the best, and we will show you how.

Silicone solves your insulation problem.

One of the biggest problems that leads to a commercial roof repair is failure of the roof to properly insulate the building. When a roof isn’t properly insulating, you’re paying more to heat the building in the winter and more to cool the building in the summer. By applying our silicone coating for your flat roof repair, you apply a barrier that is one of the most effective insulating roof products on the market. Our silicone is reflective, which means it doesn’t heat up the building when the sun hits it. Our silicone is also highly insulating, meaning the air inside your building stays inside, no matter the temperature. By applying our coating, you can expect significant energy savings in your building.

Silicone solves your leaking problem.

If your roof is leaking, silicone can help! By identifying the areas of the roof that leak, we can make any repairs necessary to perform the flat roof repair. However, in most cases, there is no need for repairs. We will clean and dry the roof and then spray our silicone right over top of the currently failing roof. Once the silicone dries, it is a perfect, monolithic membrane covering the roof that prevents future leaks under a 10 or 15 year warranty.

Silicone solves your substrate problem.

Many building owners have been told they can’t repair their roof and must replace it because of the current roofing system they have. However, thanks to silicone’s great versatility, these  flat roofs can now be repaired rather than replaced. Silicone adheres primer-free to most existing roofing systems. Contact a Progressive Materials salesman to learn about your specific situation.

Silicone coating can be a great choice when considering flat roof repair for your commercial building. If you’d like to learn more, please check out some other resources on our website or give us a call.