Before you make any decisions about your roof, you need to know everything about it that a contractor will want to know. This way, if you need to consult a contractor (whether for repairs, applying restoration coatings, or replacement), you will have the knowledge of your roof which can help in negotiations with the contractor.  So, if your roof begins to leak or fail, you already have the information gathered and prepared and can expedite the process with the contractor.

Details of Your Roof You Must Know

Roof Details you should know 
Here’s a handy guide to help determine the pitch of your roof.

The first key before making a decision is the size and age of your roof. Knowing these details of your roof will help you understand if your roof should be lasting longer than it is, and approximately the cost to replace it. Next, the slope of the roof is a very important aspect you should know. This also weighs on what types of replacements are repairs are available to you.

Your current type of metal panels, as well as the type of metal panels you wish to have on your roof are also very important details that you should know about your system. This will obviously have an impact on what type of roof you choose. Finally, you need to know your roofs history – has it been coated, has it had single-ply roofing materials installed over it, has it suffered this same problem in the past?


Some of these are pretty basic things that you may know off the top of your head, but others may require opening up a roof maintenance book or getting on the roof yourself to get the answer. Either way, it is crucial that you know each of these so you can properly answer any questions contractors may have for you.